Social inclusion


Social Inclusion Service
Who can we help?
  • Age:18-65
  • Area:Wigan area
  • Healthcare:Uses primary or secondary mental health services
  • Access:Self-referral
When can we help?

9am-5pm, Mon-Fri (excl. Bank Holidays)

How can we help?

Wigan operates four very distinct person centred services:

The Independent living service – enables service users to improve their living skills and maintain their physical and mental health. The service provides:

  • Opportunities to build friendships through participation in activities in the wider community including sport, the arts, faith groups, training and education
  • Guidance for those dealing with housing issues
  • Support for those experiencing drug and alcohol issues

The Vocational Service – enables individuals to find and/or retain employment through:

  • Identifying suitable work based experience and interests
  • Developing a C.V.
  • Supporting the individual’s application and interview process

For more information on our Wigan employment service click here

The Peer Support Service – welcomes individuals who wish to participate in groups run by and for service users, for example:

  • Art workshops
  • Photography
  • Walking group
  • Coffee socials

The service will help new members to settle into their groups and will welcome suggestions from service users about the formation of new groups.

The Befriending Service – introduces individuals to a compatible volunteer to assist in engaging with the wider community. With the support of a befriender individuals are enabled to participate in a variety of activities including:

  • Going out to the cinema, theatre, football, library, shops, or wherever your interests lie
  • Coffee and a chat
  • Attending appointments such as the hospital, optician and dentist

For further information about any of these services, please contact: