Merseyside – Sefton Employment service

Merseyside – Sefton Employment service

Who can we help?
  • Age:18-65
  • Area:Lives in Sefton
  • Healthcare:Uses primary or secondary mental health services
  • Access:Referral from CMHT and IAPT services
When can we help?

9am-5pm, Mon-Fri (excl. Bank Holidays)

How can we help?

Sefton Employment Service works one to one with people who are accessing mental health services and who want to progress into employment.

We work to the Individual Placement and Support model and have trained employment advisors working within each Sefton Community Mental Health Team and within the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) teams at Access Sefton.

Our advisors work closely with the individual to make sure they get the best advice and support to secure and maintain a job and offer ongoing support once in employment.

For those already in employment who may be experiencing difficulties we can offer support and advice.

We also work alongside employers to offer guidance and provide mental health awareness training if required. Our support includes:

  • Identifying what work would suit each individual
  • Developing employment skills and confidence
  • C.V. writing skills
  • Job searching and filling in applications
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Developing strategies to manage and keep that job
  • Advising individuals of their rights as an employee
  • Accessing benefits advice
  • Providing information about industry specific training and qualifications

We’ve helped hundreds of people access full time sustainable employment, for further information get in touch and email us at:

We thought you’d like to know…
Sefton Employment Service was IPS Fidelity Reviewed by the Centre for Mental Health in 2013/14 and is recognised as a Centre of Excellence.

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We also offer Employment services in Cumbria, Manchester and London