Imagine Independence Senior Management Team

Imagine Independence Senior Management Team

Iain Brodie Browne

IainIain is Chief Executive at Imagine. He graduated in 1974 with a degree in Politics and began his professional career with Age Concern, before becoming the first permanent employee of Liverpool Association for Mental Health in 1979. At that time there were a team of volunteers and some people on job creation team. Since then he has gone on to gain his Masters degree in Quasi-Markets & Social Welfare and become Chief Executive of Imagine. Iain has been an important cog in the evolution of the organisation and its response to legislative changes and their effects on our service users. With the introduction of ‘Care in the Community’ the organisation took a big leap forward developing a model of individualised care and support rather than group solutions that largely existed in dealing with people with mental ill health. It is this approach that underpins all of Imagine’s services and policies today. This has lead to the introduction of Imagine’s services:

  • Accommodation
  • Gender-specific services
  • Life opportunities
  • Befriending
  • Mainstream
  • Day opportunities services
  • Employment
  • Wellbeing
  • User-led services – services run by service users
  • Learning difficulties
  • Offenders with mental health problems

His current role is two-fold: – firstly he manages the organisation ensuring its economic viability, and efficiency, whilst looking for funding opportunities,: and secondly, he steers the group towards a healthy future by working with colleagues to make sure we’re all going in the same direction with a common vision for the future. Iain places a very high priority on working alongside people with mental health issues on their journey to independent and fulfilling lives. The biggest challenge that we all face is public attitude to people with mental health issues therefore helping to change that attitude is crucial. Iain also recognises the huge importance of Imagine’s Board of Trustees, to whom he is responsible, in helping to achieve our successes so far, and in their consistent support and willingness to license the inevitable risks in exploring new ventures.

Elaine Mather

Elaine is Deputy Chief Executive at Imagine and has worked for Imagine for over 20 years. Prior to working for Imagine Elaine was a qualified General and Mental Health Nurse, she completed a Return to Professional Practice course during 2014/15.

Elaine has substantial operational and business development experience, and for many years has line-managed Assistant Directors responsible for accommodation, employment and day opportunity services. Whilst managing operational services Elaine has taken the lead on management and staff restructuring many times responding to legislative changes, funding restraints and national guidance. Alongside this Elaine has taken the lead on tendering and developing services.

Elaine worked closely with the Department of Health to establish Imagine’s women’s services which were formerly national pilots, brought peer support-working to Imagine, developed innovative day opportunity services offering choice and truly believes that there needs to be a range of services that service users can choose to access.

Other pioneering work has included securing contracts to deliver support to people described as having multiple and complex needs including mental health, substance misuse and homelessness. This involves working closely with service users with medium and low offending profiles, working closely with community rehabilitation workers and providing ‘Through the Gate’ support.

Elaine’s new role will focus on Business Development, predominantly developing services within Cumbria within the first instance. This role is familiar to Elaine as Elaine was Director of Development for Imagine in the past.

“I’m prepared to put 100% into developing services! This role demands enthusiasm, a passion to provide excellent quality, innovate services. I’ve always developed services in partnership with other agencies, much more can be achieved by this approach for service users. As a Third Sector provider, it’s absolutely imperative that we work together to deliver services, harnessing our skills and experience, and providing cost-effective services. I have always enjoyed working for Imagine, we have staff with excellent values and skills who work hard to improve the lives of people they support. Career development is paramount at Imagine, it has been extremely rewarding seeing staff progress in their careers with both Imagine and other organisations, and feeling part of an organisation that has recognised potential in staff members and supported their career development.”

Navroop Kullar

Navroop has been Assistant Director for London Services since 2008 and has helped expand the range and quality of projects within London boroughs. Navroop has over 17 years experience in mental health, mainly vocational and social inclusion services; 14 years experience in Senior Management including operational, strategic and workforce development; and is an experienced trainer in areas such as mental health awareness and stress management.

Paul Edwards

Paul is In his post as Assistant Director for Financial Services, Paul supports a number of corporate services. Initially appointed to oversee the finance function, his role has been expanded and now also includes responsibility for incorporate Housing and Property, Training, IT, Quality and Audit services.

He is a CIPFA qualified accountant with a background in local government finance, including fifteen years in senior management role reaching a position of Finance and Information Services Director. During this time he was a member of the corporate management team and provided advisory support to all political groups.

Lyndsey Lloyd

Lyndsey is Assistant Director of Women’s Services at Imagine and also manages Service User Involvement. She works as a member of the senior management team, supporting the charities future developments and the standards of care delivery. Lyndsey is a Registered Mental Health Nurse with a background within forensic services, and has worked in both male and female wards from admissions to rehabilitation. Lyndsey left the NHS in March 2013 to start learning more about the voluntary sector and to use her clinical skills within the community. Her role allows her to challenge stigma, discrimination and institutionalisation. The early part of Lyndsey’s career involved working in women’s services with a range of levels of security. She worked with women who moved down from high secure services as part of the TEMMS initiative; this service was a therapeutic enhanced service that focused on relational security in place of physical security, helping women transitioning from high secure hospitals to a less secure environment. Lyndsey left the TEMMs to work on a rehabilitation ward which enabled women to start thinking about their future and developing life skills. Lyndsey was then involved with the development of another women’s service that created an opening for women to be reintroduced to life in the community with high levels of relational security and support which took them away from the hospital environment, helping people work with vulnerabilities they had not been exposed to, and for some this meant decades. Here at Imagine, Lyndsey is developing teams of staff who support women to complete the final stages of their pathway; the focus is on social inclusion, leading fulfilling lives and in most cases to live independently.

Jenny Killen

Jenny is Head of Accommodation Services at Imagine. She has worked at Imagine for 7 years, originally working on a Department of Health Pilot Project at Crosby Women’s Service when it opened in 2009. She moved onto Fielder Lodge Women’s Service in 2012. Jenny is a Registered Social Worker and has experience working with service users with severe enduring mental illness, personality disorder, learning disability, offending histories and substance misuse problems.