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A Destress 5k Walk in London

By Annie Veenman

Published 11th June 2018


By Antonia Smith

The London team, which included Imagine’s staff members, volunteers, clients and Emo the Pug, had a lovely day while completing the Destress 5k Walk for Mental Health Awareness Week. We were lucky to have great weather and great company, anticipation of the upcoming Royal Wedding also helped bring a joyful atmosphere.

We started off at Tower Bridge, as we walked along the Thames we admired the beautiful scenery and the architecture of St Paul’s Cathedral, were tempted by the delicious street foods on offer in Borough Market and entertained by an exciting dance troupe from Ghana!

We walked on, passing by London Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge and Golden Bridge and finished the walk at Westminster Bridge. Possibly a bridge too far for our four-legged friend; little Emo was ‘feeling the burn’ by this time, and lay down immediately!

A client who has severe anxiety and other health conditions, attended the walk with her lovely daughter. She’d had doubts at first that she would be able to participate but decided to go ahead, put her make-up on and get out there with us.

She was amazed to find she could do it, she found the walk relaxing; knowing the route was not going to be complicated helped her feel calm and she remarked at how lovely and supportive everyone was. She said it felt so good to be out, even though we were amongst a large crowd.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the walk with us, if you would like to donate to help our volunteers provide much needed mental health support services please do so on the orange button, on the top right side or fundraise for us, by clicking our ‘Get Involved’ page.

Thank you!