Our Board


Pauline Berry (Chair of the Board)

Pauline has served on the Board of Trustees since 2009, becoming our Chair in October 2014. She has been instrumental in establishing Governance Committees for many of our services including Cumbria, Women’s Services and Accommodation Services as well as having a key role within the Audit

Geraldine Poole

Geraldine is one of our founders and has an interest in training, employment and accommodation services. She is a member of the Audit Committee and Remuneration Committees and has previously been a key resource to Senior Management Team.

Charles Doyle

A founding member of the charity, Charles has served as a trustee for nearly 40 years, mostly as Chair of the Audit Committee. He has also chaired the Remuneration Committee since 2010. Charles has a strong interest in both the fiscal and quality monitoring of the charity.

Chris Poole

A trustee since 2007, Chris was key to the establishment of the London Committee, which he chairs. He has responsibilities in the London Services, assisting with the smooth transition of each new service. Christopher also has a crucial role in Imagine Independence’s Communications Strategy.

Aurora Martinez

A member of the London Committee since 2008, Aurora became a full member of the Board of Trustees in May 2013 and a key figure in the successful launch of the Redbridge services.

Irfon Clarke

A founding member of the charity, Irfon has been instrumental in shaping the services and strategic growth of Imagine Independence for nearly 40 years. Serving as Chair to the Board of Trustees for three consecutive terms, Irfon has since reduced his activity to the Audit and Remuneration

Jenny Chapman

Jenny is passionate about working in partnership to bring about positive change that improves quality of life for individuals and communities. She has 28 years’ experience working within the fields of Social Care, Health, Community Services, Education, Supported Housing and Regeneration. Jenny

Nick Kennon

Nick has a wealth of experience in the sector and wide experience of governance backed by extensive third sector and public-sector networks locally and nationally. He’s held many governance positions within a range of third sector organisations including trustee and company secretary roles. Nick

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