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By Annie Veenman

Published 26th January 2018


Thursday 1 February 2018 is Time to Talk Day. It’s a chance for all of us to be more open about mental health – to talk, to listen, to change lives. The more conversations we have, the better life is for all of us.

Here at Imagine we‘ve made plans to set up at Costa, Hope Street, our friendly neighbourhood coffee shop, to encourage conversations over a cappuccino (or a latte, or an americano!) and we’ll be sending out our social media posts #coffeeconversations from our base there.  Look out for us and pop in if you’re passing!

Working with over 2000 people every year it’s no surprise we have hundreds of helpful conversations over coffee. Being part of the community helps too, mental health issues can leave people feeling stigmatised, isolated and alone so we often meet at coffee shops, and over a coffee, talk together. We know conversations matter and can change lives. ‘Going for a coffee’ even has a friendly, inclusive ring to it.

We are part of the growing movement to change how we all think and act about mental health problems so this Time to Talk day we want to start hundreds of #coffeeconversations.  We’ve set ourselves a goal of 500 and we’d love it if you’d get involved to help us.

To raise awareness we want you to simply post a picture of you having a coffee with a friend, just remember to tag #coffeeconversations, tag us in the pic. and tell us why you think talking helps!

To help us help someone start a conversation that could change their life text Talk34£2 to 70070 and donate just £2, the price of a coffee and to someone struggling with their mental health, a priceless conversation.

Mental health matters to all of us.