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CRAZYWISE – Rethinking Madness

By Annie Veenman

Published 22nd March 2018


‘Phil explores the growing severity of the mental health crisis in America dominated by biomedical psychiatry. He discovers a growing movement of professionals and psychiatric survivors who demand alternative treatments that focus on recovery, nurturing social connections, and finding meaning.’

A description from the synopsis of the thought provoking documentary CRAZYWISE, and one that resonates with a lot of people who are questioning our current way of dealing with mental health.

Imagine Independence began 40 years ago by challenging the status quo, helping people locked away from society in mental health hospitals to be freed and supported within the community.  We’re not averse to thinking differently and questioning the ‘norm’ and that’s why we’ve chosen to hold a screening of CRAZYWISE here in Liverpool.

The screening will be followed by a Q & A and discussion with guest speakers where we’ll be asking:

  • Is it time to pay more attention to the psycho/social and spiritual underpinnings of mental health and bring a more balanced approach to mental health care?
  • What can indigenous cultures teach us about the role community support, peer mentorship and diagnosis has on mental health?
  • What can we learn from people who have successfully navigated a psychological crisis?
  • What steps can we take to improve mental health care?

We would love you to join us!

Thursday, April 19 at Frederiks, 32 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BX

6.30 pm – 9.00 pm

Tickets £5


Watch the trailer here:



Crazy…or wise?

The traditional wisdom of indigenous cultures often contradicts modern views about what is conventionally, in the West, perceived as a ‘mental health crisis’.

Is it a ‘calling’ to grow or just a symptom of a ‘broken brain’?

The documentary CRAZYWISE explores what can be learned from people around the world who have turned their psychological crisis into a positive transformative experience; adding a voice to the growing conversation that believes psychological crisis can be an opportunity for growth and potentially transformational, not a disease without a cure.

‘Mental health problems are one of the main causes of the overall disease burden worldwide.’ Mental Health Foundation