Leaving a Legacy to Imagine Independence


Leaving a gift in your Will to Imagine Independence costs nothing in your lifetime and will make a great difference to the support we offer to those who need us. Your gift can be for general support, or you can specify which of our services you wish to receive your legacy. This is a decision for you to make.


Why is it important to make a Will – do I really need one? By leaving a Will you can be sure that your wishes are fully and properly carried out. If there is no valid Will your estate is divided according to law and this might not be the same as your wishes. There are some common misconceptions about a person’s estate when there is no Will - for example a spouse doesn’t automatically inherit the whole estate.


Is a Solicitor or Will Writer necessary? We would advise that you obtain legal advice with regard to your Will. A Solicitor or Will Writer will advise on any tax and legal implications that may arise and ensure that your wishes are clearly communicated in your Will. You will find useful information on finding a Solicitor/Will Writer here at Remember a Charity


If you would like to include Imagine Independence in your Will please feel free to let us know, we would like to keep you updated on the Charity’s progress and activity.


If you would like to speak to us about leaving a gift to Imagine Independence in your Will, please contact Kimberley Mason at kmason@imagineindependence.org.uk or 0151 703 7792.