Imagine Independence is dedicated to empowering individuals living with mental health conditions and learning disabilities to lead independent, fulfilling lives. Our focus is on providing comprehensive support, promoting recovery, and reducing the barriers to employment that these individuals may face. By offering a range of training and employment opportunities, we equip them with the skills and resources needed to secure meaningful and sustainable employment. The sales generated through our exhibition, café, and shop play a crucial role in funding and sustaining our mission.

How Your Business Can Support Imagine Independence:

  1. Hold a Fundraising Event: Organise a fundraising event within your business community to raise awareness and funds for Imagine Independence. This could be a charity auction, a sponsored activity, or any creative event that engages employees, customers, and stakeholders.

  2. Make a Financial Donation: Consider making a financial donation to support our programs and services. Your contribution directly enables us to provide vital resources, training, and support to individuals living with mental health conditions and learning disabilities.

  3. Donate a Gift in Kind: If your business can provide goods or services that would benefit our organisation, consider making a gift in kind.

  4. Participate in Team Challenge Events: Engage your employees by participating in our team challenge events. These events offer a chance for team building and camaraderie while supporting a worthy cause. Whether it's a sponsored run, a cycling challenge, or an adventurous activity, your team's participation will make a meaningful impact.

  5. Join Community Events: Take part in our community events and initiatives. These events provide opportunities for your business to engage with the wider community, promote social responsibility, and support the cause of mental health and learning disabilities.

  6. Promote On-Site Initiatives: Encourage your staff members to get involved with on-site initiatives at Imagine Independence. This can include volunteering, attending webinars and workshops, or participating in activities that promote mental health awareness and inclusivity.

  7. Sponsor Events: Support our events through sponsorship. By becoming a sponsor, your business gains exposure while contributing to the success of our initiatives.

By engaging with Imagine Independence through these various means, your business can play a significant role in supporting our mission and helping individuals with mental health conditions and learning disabilities achieve their dreams. Together, we can keep the gates open for good and create a more inclusive and supportive society.

T​o get involved with corporate sponsorship, please contact our fundraising team on:

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