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Redbridge Day Opportunities


Our Wellbeing Service works with people aged 18 and above who live in the borough of Redbridge. People looking to improve their wellbeing can benefit from a range of services which include Recovery Support Planning, Social Inclusion, Community based Groups, Peer Support groups and User-led Groups. Access to these services is via referral only. Services are available Mondays to Fridays, 9am-5pm (excl. Bank Holidays).

How can we help?

The Recovery Support Service provides one-to-one person centred support, helping people to improve their health and achieve wellbeing goals. Our experienced team will help individuals develop strategies to deal with setbacks, learn the skills of action planning and take on goals that matter to them. This includes:

  • Managing and maintaining good mental health
  • Taking care of physical health
  • Improving life skills e.g. managing finances, shopping etc.
  • Signposting support

Our Social Inclusion Service provides one-to-one support to individuals and helps them access vocational and community activities based on their interests. This helps build new support networks, improve health and develop an active week. Activities include art, sports and leisure, faith and culture, education courses and volunteering.

Community based group activities are organised by staff in settings such as sports centres and community venues. Activities include badminton, table tennis, walking or a film club however these may vary and so we strongly recommend getting in touch to enquire about the latest groups.

Our Peer Support Groups are friendship groups run by the service users themselves. Those that access the groups choose the venue and activities which could include meeting up for a meal or going on a trip.

Our User-led Groups are run onsite at Cranbrook Road from Monday-Friday. Service users run these groups themselves. Please get in contact to find out what time these groups take place.


For further information about our Redbridge Wellbeing services, please get in touch and email Manager Jo Stuckey jstuckey@imagineindependence.org.uk   or call us on 0208 551 5314.

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