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Miles for Mental Health 24th-26th April – Will you join us?

By Annie Veenman

Published 28th March 2018


Hi, Alan McCormick here, organiser of the Miles for Mental Health walk. I’m a really experienced hiker and get out and about regularly, often for 6-8 hours on my own across fells and moorland. It’s escapism for me and a battery re-charger – helps get my head back where it should be. when things get a bit much!

Walking in open country has been a life saver for me, I used to be dependent on alcohol, a chain smoker and on medication for my mental health, since taking up hiking I haven’t had an alcoholic drink or a cigarette in 5 years and I’m medication free.

I’ve planned the MMH walk for all abilities and fitness levels. It’s spread over three days for the ambitious but if you just want to join us for an hour and enjoy the company and the scenery that’s fine too! Take a look at the journey details in the pack and decide what you’d like to do, sign up some sponsors to support you and we’ll see you there!

I’m raising funds for local mental health charity Imagine Independence because they have been so helpful to me and others. Since being referred to their employment service in Wigan I now work part time supporting five volunteers at their allotment scheme.

All funds raised will help support them to continue their valuable work in the community.

Download the miles for mental health pack