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Croydon team celebrate World Mental Health Day 2018

By Olga Snell

Published 16th October 2018



The Croydon team had an event for World Mental Health Day Event at Croydon Central Library.

The team had a stall filled with leaflets, affirmation cards, a competition box and a bowl of sweets. Luckily the team were determined not to eat all the sweets before we started doing cartwheels around the library. ?

A Wellbeing Talk took place, which was a two part session. The first one was about Coping with Stress with Employment Lead and Support Worker Verona and Emma, which involved examples and helpful techniques when dealing with stressful situations. One of them was a mindful breathing exercise.

The second talk was by Joyce Brown (a Nutritional Therapist) from Bountiful You Nutrition and Basil Brown (a Qualified Counsellor) from River Counselling Agency. They talked about their experiences with food/nutrition and it relates to our health and wellbeing and the importance of sharing your experiences with mental health and being open to receiving support.

After the talks 2 winners from the audience won a Self Care goody bags, they scored the most points on their Wellbeing Quiz. Another winner from our Competition Box, Jayne also received a Self Care goody bag, who was very excited with her prizes.

While overcoming her own experiences with mental health, she uses this to fuel her volunteering work by running a Job Club and other community activities.

It was a great day to see people willing to share their experiences with mental health and looking into ways to support themselves or a loved one. We also looking forward to the people who are interested in volunteering with us.

Thank you to all the staff members at Croydon Central Library, your support is very much appreciated.

Article written by Antonia Smith our London Communications Intern