What is the significance of Volunteer's Week for our charity?

It presents an opportunity to acknowledge the fantastic work that volunteers do for Imagine and our communities, allowing us to express our heartfelt gratitude.

How do volunteers contribute to our organisation's mission and goals?

Volunteers serve as an integral part of our organsation's workforce, leading by example and inspiring others with their empathy, enthusiasm, and commitment. They act as a driving force, instilling purpose and strengthening the bond within the community.

How do we recruit and select volunteers for our charity?

We employ various methods to recruit and select volunteers for our charity. These include promotion, participation in student fairs, involvement in public health events, collaboration with other organisations, and the implementation of application and reference request procedures. We also conduct DBS checks, provide in-house one-day induction training, and offer access to our online training platform.

Can you provide examples of the roles volunteers typically take on and the impact they have made?

After completing induction training and paperwork, volunteers have the option to choose between two roles. The first role involves participating in our Befriending service, which entails providing one-on-one support to individuals, helping them engage with their local communities, regain their pre-pandemic involvement, and assisting them with activities or hospital appointments, as well as providing companionship through coffee and conversation. The second option is available to volunteers with specific skills, such as playing a musical instrument or possessing drama expertise, where we support them in establishing and facilitating groups. The impact our volunteers have had on our services has been remarkable, as they have provided invaluable support and encouragement, aiding individuals in achieving their goals.

How do we recognise and appreciate our volunteers during Volunteer's Week?

During Volunteer's Week, we express our appreciation through various means. We award certificates to our volunteers and host a coffee and chat event where we personally extend our gratitude. Additionally, we organise an annual volunteer award ceremony in conjunction with the 800 group.

Why are dedicated volunteers important for our charity's success?

Dedicated volunteers are crucial to our charity's success. They not only provide immense benefits but are also integral to the functioning of our befriending service. Without volunteers, we would be unable to deliver our services effectively.

How do we ensure a positive experience for our volunteers and provide them with support?

To ensure a positive experience for our volunteers, we offer a comprehensive training package. We provide support through supervisions and cover their expenses. Additionally, we schedule monthly catch-up meetings, where volunteers can enjoy coffee and engage in conversations, further ensuring their positive volunteering experience with us.

What plans or goals do we have for the future of our volunteer program?

Our future plans and goals for the volunteer program include intensifying our promotion efforts to drive recruitment and increase the number of volunteers. We aim to facilitate more one-on-one match-ups and encourage more volunteers to take on the role of facilitating groups.

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