Supporting Young People's Mental Health During Covid-19

Where to start with writing this? As you will know, there is already plenty of information on the web about how COVID-19 is affecting our children’s mental health. Last week I received a tweet from a concerned mum; her 12-year-old son was showing signs of anxiety, and in turn, this was making her very anxious. How to reply in limited word count: “Help young one 2 realise reactions are normal for what's happening. This isn't trivialising it, but acknowledging feeling scared and anxious is real and can be helped” This is a good starting point when supporting anyone who is distressed. Then go on to signpost to some apps and organisations she could use. To read on, click on the attachment. Please contact me if you have any other areas you’d like me to look into. The blog I write will be focusing on the mental health of front line workers.




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