The Big Mental Health Digital Treasure Hunt

Take an innovative app, a forward thinking mental health charity and a team of budding Indiana Jones. Add the incredible city of Liverpool as a backdrop, and you have yourself a unique and entertaining fundraising event hosted by our friends at PuzzleDuck. 

Participants must search for locations, solve puzzles, answer questions, complete challenges and work as a team in order to reveal the final destination, score the most points and take pride of place at the top of the leader board with prizes for the top 3 teams. 

Registration is £100 per team (max. size 6 members) and all monies raised will help Imagine Independence convert an unused building into a much needed drop in centre for service users. 

The hunt starts at 10am on Saturday 5th October 2019. Does your business want to be part of something special?

For more details and to register your team, please contact: Kimberley Mason, Business Growth Manager,


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